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wah is a year I learned in seventh grade. I still remember that time and I am still new to MOS .. where I interact and make new friends in junior high. and thence will I meet a lot of friends. me and my friends were to love our class name * INSIDE * ya .. inside? bond seventh grade students of D. although we like to fight but very many memories of the inside. and I’ve been through periods of mos, daily tests, MID, UTS, until I have passed UKK. and thank God I took the class and can enter the Top 5 ranking. although the top-3 engga farts but I already entered the Top 5.
and I do not know what is going in grade 8._.


I’m trying to.
naaah he is the first album SMASH;;D#1stannivSMASH1stAlbum #pahathatismashnewsingle  cr: epicbismaniac

by ~decoland

yeay! SMASH has now released the first single from the album to-2. title*Pahat Hati*
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